5 fun facts and my creating process

5 fun facts about me:


* Outside of building my art business, I am a full-time Union Commercial Electrician in the Silicon Valley. This is my 16th year in the trade. I wanted to pursue art in college, but my practical mother did not support it. She did not want me to be a ‘starving artist’. 


* Water is a big inspiration in my artwork. I live by the Ocean, so it inspires me. I find it interesting when I am not trying to make a painting inspired by water and yet subconsciously it happens.


* I am really attracted to vibrant colors. I attribute that to my annual vacations to Mexico growing up. We would go for a month every year to visit family and friends and have fun. The bright colored houses, folk art and Guadalupe shrines would always catch my attention.


* I love to experiment and try new tools, techniques and painting mediums, so when a local artist invited me to his class on ‘Blind Painting’, I said yes.  In blind painting, I chose 5 colors of paint, each in a plastic container. I sat in front of my large paper with a water spritzer and different tools at my side. I put a blind fold on, and let go. I let go of fears such as, ‘Will it look good if I do this?’ I painted care free and when I decided I was done, I took the blind fold off. Guess what, I loved the painting and so did my grandfather, he ended up buying it! This experiment ignited a passion for painting in abstract. 


* I do whatever it takes to keep moving forward in my art business. I bought a DSLR, took a photography class, read books and hired a Photographer to teach me how to take professional photos of my art for prints. I worked for free for a Framer in his shop, in exchange for knowledge. In exchange for my labor, he taught me how to build frames, put hardware on and mat art for a floating look.


My current process in making art.

I usually work on a few paintings at a time. Sometimes I line them up, so brush strokes can continue from one canvas to the next. I pick out the colors I want to work with, usually focusing on 2 or 3. Sometimes I mix paint with mediums then apply it to an edge of the painting. I grab a squeegee and  move the paint across the canvases, in a fluid, continuous motion. My goal is to keep the paint strokes minimal, so one can relish in it. Keeping negative space in the equation.  I use other tools to make texture.  I let the paintings dry, then hang them in the studio. I look at them while doing other tasks. Sometimes they are done, most times they need another layer of some medium. I love to experiment, trying new methods, new tools, new mediums. If the painting is ugly, I might add white paint in places. Worst case I gesso the entire painting. The main thing is that I am having fun and always keeping it interesting.

Painting in Abstract

My name is Sara Sha and I am an abstract painter. I love vibrant colors and can attribute that from my childhood travels to Mexico. Seeing all the bright colored houses was so different from back home. I am drawn to blues, but I like using other colors as well. Some colors I love to use are Indigo, Prussian Blue, Ultramarine, Dark Blue-Green, Deep Cadmium Yellow, Quinacridone Magenta, Bright Yellow-Green, Hot Pink, Light Pink, Bright Orange and White. I love to mix my own colors.

In abstract, I am intrigued by movement and balancing positive and negative space. My goal is to keep the painting minimal. That way I can relish in the brush stroke.

Instagram has introduced me to so many artists doing great things. Other artists have inspired me. Nature has always been a great inspiration, as well as working with feelings and what colors come to mind is a fascinating way to paint as well. Sometimes I just do it and I can’t say where it comes from, I am just playing and having fun. I like to have this approach. If I don’t like it, I cover it up or erase it or startover. It is not a big deal.  I think, having this state of mind is important, it keeps me from putting myself in a rut, because I don’t want to mess something up. I am willing to gamble, because it helps me keep moving forward with my art.

April 5th, 2017 'Tough Love' Series

This year I have moved into a new direction with my art. I really wanted to explore abstract art. I had been invited to Felton where this Artist conducts zen painting. He invited me to what he called 'blind painting'. I really enjoyed the experience and had a lot of fun. I was playing and wanted to explore that more. Since then I have created two abstract series.

The first one titled 'Water Movement' and the second titled 'Tough Love'. In the water movement series, I worked with a lot of blues, turquoise and some greens. I focused on movement, brush strokes with my Hake brushes and the balance of positive and negative space. These paintings are mixed media, and would be worked on in layers. Once the painting was done, I would come back in with graphite, and pastels.

The second series, Tough Love, had me focus on love, loss and nostalgic memories of past romances gone wrong. The reason this topic was picked, was because a group exhibit picked this topic that I was participating. When I got to work to create a piece, I had lots of paper laid out. I had so much emotions to put on these pages, that a series evolved. This series was very interesting to me because it was intuitive to my emotions reflecting on the start of a romance, of being hurt, of longing and of loss. In this series, you can see that some are happy and sweet and some have romantic colors, and some are dark.

I have been an artist my entire life with art and with music. In art, this is the first time I really feel like I am coming into my own. I know I will always evolve, and get bored and change directions, but it is nice to finally step back and just enjoy where I am and reflect on how far I have come. Continuing to show up really does have its rewards.

Thank you for reading this and supporting me, because encouragement helps people keep going in moments of doubt. 


'Rushing In' - 'Water Movement Series'

'Rushing In' - 'Water Movement Series'

'Magical Night'- 'Tough Love Series'

'Magical Night'- 'Tough Love Series'

#100 days of leaves on instagram

I am currently participating in a 100 day project with a community of artists on instagram. The project is to do art  for 100 consecutive days. I chose leaves, because that is what my next series of paintings will be based off of. Palm leaves, plants, seaweed, etc. You can follow this on my instagram @sarasha_contemporary

Day 16/100 Eucalyptus Leaves.

Day 16/100 Eucalyptus Leaves.

Day 21/100 Close up of banana leaves and birds of paradise from a photo I took.

Day 21/100 Close up of banana leaves and birds of paradise from a photo I took.

July 1, 2015

Hello everybody. I just got home from installing a Santa Cruz/ Ocean inspired painting series at the Seabright Bagelry. It would be nice to have an assistant, but I don't think I am there yet.

I am currently in the process of finishing the Virgen Mary. There is lots of detail in that painting. All the flowers!

This summer I would like to paint some landscapes, a mermaid series and some more still life's of flowers.