Virgin Mary in Bloom

Autumn is here, one of my favorite times of year.
Don't get me wrong, I love summer, but once we have our first foggy, cool day, I realise how much I have missed it. 
I am sending you my first newsletter. This is a newsletter about my true passion, being an artist. I have always loved to paint and draw, but now have decided to take it seriously. I am not quitting my career. I am still an inside wireman, going on 15 years in the trade. I have a website now:
I have an Etsy site as well:
I am promoting regularly on Instagram. My Instagram is sarasha_contemporary

I paint in my free time. Right now I have a lot of it, due to an injury.
I go around town setting up art shows at coffee shops, restaurants, and hair salons.
Original art can be expensive so I make prints of all my art. I want my art to be affordable to everyone.
I have been currently working on all types of subjects. I tend to have multiple pieces at different stages, so I can paint whatever I am in the mood to work on.
Lately it has been, waves, still life, landscapes, seascapes, day of the dead, butterflies, and Virgen Mary's. 

Upcoming Exhibits:
I have a pop up art gallery on November 14th with Rene' Chadart. Exclusive Invites will be sent.
I will be showcasing at Sweet Pea's Cafe' for November and December. On 41st Ave. Capitola
I will be showcasing at Urban Groove Salon for January. On 7th Ave. Santa Cruz

Thanks for supporting my art. It means the world to me
Sara Sha