5 fun facts and my creating process

5 fun facts about me:


* Outside of building my art business, I am a full-time Union Commercial Electrician in the Silicon Valley. This is my 16th year in the trade. I wanted to pursue art in college, but my practical mother did not support it. She did not want me to be a ‘starving artist’. 


* Water is a big inspiration in my artwork. I live by the Ocean, so it inspires me. I find it interesting when I am not trying to make a painting inspired by water and yet subconsciously it happens.


* I am really attracted to vibrant colors. I attribute that to my annual vacations to Mexico growing up. We would go for a month every year to visit family and friends and have fun. The bright colored houses, folk art and Guadalupe shrines would always catch my attention.


* I love to experiment and try new tools, techniques and painting mediums, so when a local artist invited me to his class on ‘Blind Painting’, I said yes.  In blind painting, I chose 5 colors of paint, each in a plastic container. I sat in front of my large paper with a water spritzer and different tools at my side. I put a blind fold on, and let go. I let go of fears such as, ‘Will it look good if I do this?’ I painted care free and when I decided I was done, I took the blind fold off. Guess what, I loved the painting and so did my grandfather, he ended up buying it! This experiment ignited a passion for painting in abstract. 


* I do whatever it takes to keep moving forward in my art business. I bought a DSLR, took a photography class, read books and hired a Photographer to teach me how to take professional photos of my art for prints. I worked for free for a Framer in his shop, in exchange for knowledge. In exchange for my labor, he taught me how to build frames, put hardware on and mat art for a floating look.


My current process in making art.

I usually work on a few paintings at a time. Sometimes I line them up, so brush strokes can continue from one canvas to the next. I pick out the colors I want to work with, usually focusing on 2 or 3. Sometimes I mix paint with mediums then apply it to an edge of the painting. I grab a squeegee and  move the paint across the canvases, in a fluid, continuous motion. My goal is to keep the paint strokes minimal, so one can relish in it. Keeping negative space in the equation.  I use other tools to make texture.  I let the paintings dry, then hang them in the studio. I look at them while doing other tasks. Sometimes they are done, most times they need another layer of some medium. I love to experiment, trying new methods, new tools, new mediums. If the painting is ugly, I might add white paint in places. Worst case I gesso the entire painting. The main thing is that I am having fun and always keeping it interesting.